Howdy!  What a busy start to the year its been.  I have had the opportunity to work on a bunch of amazing stuff to start the year out, hopefully the luck continues.  So far I've been one of the BTS mixers for Fear the Walking Dead S4 (which has been super cool), worked on a VR commercial for Bose, drove on a cross country road trip to work on a movie out in LA, worked on a few pieces for Google in the Studio including a commercial for Google Maps new accessibility function, worked at the Rotten Tomatoes booth at SXSW 2018, worked with Complex on pieces for them at SXSW, and finally am currently day playing as Boom Operator for this drama called One Hand Clapping.

In personal news, I have too many weddings to go to this year (and now own too many tuxes), I also recently joined BMI for composing!  BMI is a non profit dedicated to securing publishing rights for composers, its free to sign up for and its a great tool.  I recently wrote a small cue for a short I mixed called "Love Radio" which admittedly I wrote because they couldn't use the original piece of music (it was from Titanic).  So I wrote a shoddy cover of it that they liked so we stuck with it.  I got an email from a music supervisor who asked me all sorts of questions I wasn't ready to answer, including do I belong to an composers associations and what my publishing details are...duuuuhhh.  So in an effort to look less like a luddite (and because I am taking this composing thing more seriously these days) I joined BMI so I would at least have some where to send them.

And thank god I did because recently I got an opportunity to score and mix a short next month (very nervous).  But I have a game plan for new gear, plugins, and a style I want to do.  As well as temp cues that the director has sent my way.  Should be a fun time!  Also look for a new tab in the coming weeks that shows off some of my composing credits.  New horizons! 


2017 Comes to a Close

What a year its been!  December has been one the busiest I've had in a long while, here we go!

Mixed and Designed a short doc for Google about the maps team putting there apps to the test in New Dehli, India; mixed multiple days on TLCs reality show Skin Tight, signed on as the BTS sound mixer for Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead, mixed for Discovery Canada's show Daily Planet, mixed a corporate for IBM, mixed a live event/short doc for GLG, mixed a hidden camera style commercial for Cars 2 Go's Holiday ad, mixed a national commercial for Kleenex, and finally mixed for a really interesting documentary on the San Antonio Police Departments Mental Health unit tentatively titled "Ernie and Joe".  Also will be boom oping for a really amazing short film about an all black punk rock band.

Finally I am have officially been accepted into IATSE Local 484 as a Boom Operator / Utility Sound Tech!

Next I'm off to Philadelphia for 2 weeks for the Holidays.  West Ave Audio finishes the year strong, see you in 2018!


Sound Art and staying busy

Summer is over! And it was a busy one.  Take a deep breath!

Mixed and sound designed a short documentary for Google about installing Google Street View on the International Space Station, mixed Season 2 of Zagats show Foodways, currently mixing Season 4 of Zagats more different show Food Tripping with Molly, mixed a short Documentary for T-Mobile on single leg amputee athlete Chris Tracht,  mixed for Silver Sneakers in Denver, mixed a commercial for UT starring Vince Young, production mixed a 360 video starring Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, sound designed and mixed a 360 video for Verizon, mixed 2nd Unit at the Spiceworld IT Convention, mixed for Consequence of Sound at Austin City Limits, AND am prepping for shoot at the Circuit of the Americas for the US Grand Prix.  WHEW!

Also my sound piece "Civil Disobedience in E Minor" will play for 2 weeks at the Glasgow Center for Contemporary Art!  The busy year continues.

Hopefully WAA finishes the year strong, no sleep to Christmas


West Ave Audio updates studio, post work, and 360 video

Recently I made a huge over haul to the home studio, including buying a 5.1 surround sound setup, mixing boards, midi keyboards, a new DAW (Reaper), and a literal ton of music/sound design/effects plugins for both Pro Tools 12 and Reaper.

Mixing for Zagat's Foodways season 2 is in full swing, we are on break for 4th of July but we just finished the mix on episode 6 of 12.  I also had the pleasure of mixing internal videos for Google, including a super top secret Google doc that I can't talk about!  But should be out by the end of July (more on that soon).  I also did some sound design for 2 spots for Coors Light as well as did production on shoots for IBM and Woman's Health.

Most exciting of all though is I mixed my first 360 video for REI.  It took over 3 days of internet browsing, manual reading, tutorial watching, and setup (and that was just to get my new DAW Reaper to work!) to figure it out.  Since I only own the non HD version of Pro Tools, my system does not support mixes in more channels the stereo (thanks avid!) so in order to master anything in 5.1 or 360 I had to download a completely new workstation and figure it out in 3 days.  Enter Reaper!  A fairly cheap but very powerful DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that supports 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, Atmos, and 360 mixing.  Special shout out the wonderful Lithuanian sound mixer (Tomas Dabašinskas) who showed me how to set up a basic 5.1 system from scratch in Reaper via youtube!  Ah, sometimes the internet isn't a dark bit of stupidity, sometimes theres some really useful information in there.

In any case, Reaper is a great program that I would highly recommend anyone grabbing if they don't have the budget for Avid and if they want to get good at Mastering and understanding that workflow.  It comes especially in handy when you have to mix a 360 video!  Facebook 360s Spatial Audio Workstation plugins seamlessly integrated with Reaper and made wrapping your head around mixing in three dimensions fairly intuitive.  Although that particular video was relatively uncomplicated, I look forward to the future challenges 360 will through in my direction!

And finally, some really exciting news.  A piece of sound art I made called "Civil Disobedince in E Minor" was selected to play at the Megapolis Sound Art Festival in Philadelphia Sep 15-17.  Megapolis is the audio arm of this years Philly Fringe Festival taking place all through out the city for the entire month of September.  If you want to hear it, head over to my soundcloud page! If you want to wait, join me at Megapolis where I'm sure there speakers will be nicer.  I'm a sound artist now! Woohoo!


27 inch iMac, Akai MPK mini Keyboard, Avid Artist Mixer, 3 monitors up front by Blue Sky Audio, and 2 small listening back Samson Media One 3as (temporarily placed).  Not shown 2 JBLs for Left Surround and Right Surround and a monster UBL sub woofer.

27 inch iMac, Akai MPK mini Keyboard, Avid Artist Mixer, 3 monitors up front by Blue Sky Audio, and 2 small listening back Samson Media One 3as (temporarily placed).  Not shown 2 JBLs for Left Surround and Right Surround and a monster UBL sub woofer.

Update for the New Year

It's been a very busy start of 2017 for West Ave.  I've done work for Men's Health doing post mixing on workout apps for the iphone; I boomed a feature called "Little Woods" with mixer Paul Toohey (starring Tessa Thompson, Lily James, and Lance Reddick); I also completed multiple commercials for Texpress Lanes out of Dallas, a show for the History Channel about Pablo Escobar, an episode of Adam Savage's (of myth busters fame) online show "Tested", and multiple events for the hectic South By Southwest.

Currently I am day playing as a sound utility on the new Andrew Bujalski film called "Support the Girls" being mixed by Erik Duemig and am slated to start post production mixing on season 2 of Zagats hit show "Foodways" in a few weeks.  I also upgraded my sound studio! Pics to follow

Busy, busy, busy.  

West Ave Audio Round Up: US Army, Reality Show, and Diamonds

West Ave Audio just wrapped out on 3 new projects.  The first one was one of my most challenging and interesting gigs to date.  A week long shoot at Fort Hood, with the US Army.  We were shooting a short film for their S.H.A.R.P Program (Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention).  We shot in multiple places on the base including parts of the base they use for Urban Warfare training.

I also completed production on a commercial for Spence Diamonds as well as a reality show pilot for Bar Stool Sports about competitive bull fighting (which was a wild gig to say the least).  I had to mic 5 different people running around a fighting arena including prepping the 2 hosts with lavs for their bull fight.  Needless to say it was challenging.

Look for all those on the interweb soon!

West Ave Audio relocates to Sunny Austin, Texas

West Ave Audio has just finished making the transition to Austin, Texas by way of New York!  Its been an amazing adventure getting settled in down here and one that I very much looking forward to what the future brings.

Austin has the high quality jobs that New York boasts but a much friendlier and welcoming community.  No wonder they call this place "Brooklyn in the Desert".

In the mean time take a look at some pics of the latest shoot I was on, a commercial for Lazarus Brewing Company.  Cheers!

Courier X Trailer Released and Release Date Confirmed

The trailer for the feature film I mixed has been released!  This thriller stars Udo Kier and James C. Burns and is about a rogue smuggler caught in a complicated web of lies and conspiracies leading all the way back to the White House.  Its been making the round on the festival curcit in the states and abroad and won a bunch of awards, including best feature film (Myrtle Beach Film Festival).

It also got bought up and will be released in limited theaters in September as well as VOD in October.  Congratulations to the cast and crew, it was a hell of a journey to completion (over 2 years of production!), but they journey is coming to a close.  Special thanks to director Thomas Gulamerian who self funded most of the movie and put untold hours of hard work into it.

Filming took place mostly in Walden (NY), Pine Bush (NY), and New York City.  Other filming was done in Milwaukee, WI and Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

West Ave Audio Signs on to "Death House" Movie

This April I will be joining my sound brethren, Sound Mixer - Ben Wong & Boom Operator/Sound Mixer Rich Mach, as Sound Utility and Boom Operator on Death House.  A new horror/action movie filming in Philadelphia.  The shoot last for 14 days and shoots almost exclusively in Holmesburg Prison.

Look for it late 2016/early 2017.

19 Steps Score on Sound Cloud

With special permission from Tom Quigley, I posted the full the score / sound design for 19 Steps on my sound cloud!  I am super proud of how it came out and its gotten great feed back from people who've heard it.

Hopefully you like it too!  Take a listen and hears to more scoring!  Link is below.


New Comedy Central Series "Delco Proper" Premiers Feb 29th

In December Rich Mach and I worked on Comedy Centrals new Philadelphia theme comedy series, Delco Proper.  I worked as a boom op and Rich Mach was the Production Sound Mixer.  The show is insanely funny and we'd all love to get a full season pick up for comedy central!

Tune into http://www.cc.com/shows/delco-proper on Feb 29th for the next 3 episodes and show a hilarious show some love.

Exhibition on Screen: Renior - Revered and Reviled

This past summer I had the pleasure of working on a feature length documentary with director Phil Grabsky from Seventh Art Productions over in Brighton, England.

They came to Philadelphia to film a documentary for their Exhibition on Screen series on the controversial french painter Pierre Auguste Renoir.  Philadelphia has the largest Renoir collection in the world, which is housed at the Barnes Foundation in Center City.

Check out the trailer for this very fascinating look into one of the most controversial impressionist painters.

Conversations from the Afterlife gets nominated for 7 Indie Series Awards

I had the privilege of working along side my friend and world class Editor/Director Adam Henry Garcia on his new web series "Conversations from the Afterlife" as a Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Designer, and Production Sound Mixer (for a few episodes).

Today the Indie Series Awards out in Los Angeles, California nominated the web series for 7 awards including Best Screenplay, Best Special Effects, and Best Sound Design!

Tune back in April when the winners are announced! And send some good vibes for your boy for sound design ;) 


West Ave Audio to mix First Season of new show "Foodways"

Zagat's new show "Foodways" is premiering February 10th and West Ave Audio has signed on to head up Post Production on the 11 episode first season.  They will be released every Wednesday for the next 10 weeks.

But before the premier episode goes live on the 10th, the first "epilogue" epsidoe has been released.  It introduces us to the host and Miami restaurant owner Jessica Sanchez and tells her story.

Tune into Zagats youtube Channel every wednesday for new episodes.

19 Steps Wraps Post Production

This past Sunday, 19 Steps (a film I was heavily involved in) wrapped post production and is entering the festival circuit.  I had the pleasure of working alongside one of my closest friends and colleagues, Director Tom Quigley on set (as a Production Sound Mixer) and in Post Production (as a Sound Designer and Composer).

This movie had a few firsts for me.  First it was the first movie that Ben Wong (Re-Recording Mixer) and I mixed in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.  We mastered the film at Dig It Audio in Manhattan through Snowzilla.

Second it was first movie that I ever composed for.  Granted there are only 2 actual cues in the movie (the movie didn't require a full blown score, nor do I really consider myself a legit "composer" although never say never!) it was an amazing experience to get the opportunity to add to the sonic landscape of the film in more ways then just sound effects.  Here's hoping for more opportunities like it in the future!

Till then Congratulations to the entire Cast and Crew of 19 Steps!  I can't for you to see and hear what we have created, till then we'll see you at the festivals!

Ben Wong in the drivers seat on the lower left and me on the lower right

Ben Wong in the drivers seat on the lower left and me on the lower right

Duncan Hines and Mens Health

I recently had the pleasure of mixing a TV Commercial for Duncan Hines and a new documentary for Mens Health Magazine.  Check them out on the website under production or down below!

Duncan Hines - Book Club -- directed by Ben Tedesco

Ultimate Mens Heath Guy -- directed by Nick Grieves