Howdy!  What a busy start to the year its been.  I have had the opportunity to work on a bunch of amazing stuff to start the year out, hopefully the luck continues.  So far I've been one of the BTS mixers for Fear the Walking Dead S4 (which has been super cool), worked on a VR commercial for Bose, drove on a cross country road trip to work on a movie out in LA, worked on a few pieces for Google in the Studio including a commercial for Google Maps new accessibility function, worked at the Rotten Tomatoes booth at SXSW 2018, worked with Complex on pieces for them at SXSW, and finally am currently day playing as Boom Operator for this drama called One Hand Clapping.

In personal news, I have too many weddings to go to this year (and now own too many tuxes), I also recently joined BMI for composing!  BMI is a non profit dedicated to securing publishing rights for composers, its free to sign up for and its a great tool.  I recently wrote a small cue for a short I mixed called "Love Radio" which admittedly I wrote because they couldn't use the original piece of music (it was from Titanic).  So I wrote a shoddy cover of it that they liked so we stuck with it.  I got an email from a music supervisor who asked me all sorts of questions I wasn't ready to answer, including do I belong to an composers associations and what my publishing details are...duuuuhhh.  So in an effort to look less like a luddite (and because I am taking this composing thing more seriously these days) I joined BMI so I would at least have some where to send them.

And thank god I did because recently I got an opportunity to score and mix a short next month (very nervous).  But I have a game plan for new gear, plugins, and a style I want to do.  As well as temp cues that the director has sent my way.  Should be a fun time!  Also look for a new tab in the coming weeks that shows off some of my composing credits.  New horizons!