Courier X Trailer Released and Release Date Confirmed

The trailer for the feature film I mixed has been released!  This thriller stars Udo Kier and James C. Burns and is about a rogue smuggler caught in a complicated web of lies and conspiracies leading all the way back to the White House.  Its been making the round on the festival curcit in the states and abroad and won a bunch of awards, including best feature film (Myrtle Beach Film Festival).

It also got bought up and will be released in limited theaters in September as well as VOD in October.  Congratulations to the cast and crew, it was a hell of a journey to completion (over 2 years of production!), but they journey is coming to a close.  Special thanks to director Thomas Gulamerian who self funded most of the movie and put untold hours of hard work into it.

Filming took place mostly in Walden (NY), Pine Bush (NY), and New York City.  Other filming was done in Milwaukee, WI and Islamorada in the Florida Keys.