On the set of "Harvard on Hudson"

West Ave Audio

West Ave Audio is a one stop shop for Production and Post Audio.  Created in 2013 by Sound Mixer Richard Hamilton, it offers the full range of audio services, from location sound to post sound engineering and mixing.  Recently West Ave Audio has constructed a home studio capable of stereo, 5.1 surround sound, and 360/VR mixing.

Richard has been working in production and post sound for 6 years.  Armed with his Zaxcom Nomad ND10 commonly referred to as "Freddie" and his trusty copy of Pro Tools, they have traveled across the globe working in many different genres, such as reality television, documentary film, short narrative film, and feature film.  Richard is also an accomplished sound artist whose soundscapes and sound designs have played in the Megapolis Audio Festival, Philly Fringe Fest, and in the Glasgow Center for Contemporary Art.  Richard has also entered the realm of media composing, where his compositions have received praise from clients and viewers alike.  He is apart of IASTE Local 484 (Texas & Oklahoma) for Film Work and BMI for composing.  Richard currently resides in Austin, TX.