Entertainment Tonight and Mens Health

Recently I had the distinct pleasure to work on a documentary for Mens Health following the 5 Finalist in the Next Mens Health Guy Competition.  The piece will be out in November, but here is a piece from Entertainment tonight about the competition and specifically about one the contestants, Aydian the first trans gender contestant.


19 Steps

West Ave Audio has just signed on to do the Production Mix for the upcoming short film "19 Steps" Produced by Ray Guarnieri, Written by Jon Anderson, and Directed by Tom Quigley.

The story is about a man on death row who faces the worst in humanity in his prison security guard.

The movie will film at Expressway Productions studio in Philadelphia in September.

IMDB page

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Mic 50 Full Documentary Series Released

The Full 8 documentaries for Mic.com's Mic50 are now online!  Check them all out on my website on the Mic50 button in Production (or click the image below).  Or check them out here on mic.com's youtube page.


"Saint" Trailer Released

The dark and moody trailer for "Saint" has been released today.  I had the privilege of being the Re-Recording Mixer and Sound Designer on this one.  It was a great project to be apart of, lots of room for the sound design to flex its muscle and create and dark and moody textures.  Check it out!

The Request and Slowly Moving Van

West Ave Audio has signed on to be the Re-Recording Mixer on the short comedy film "The Request", directed by one of my good friends Andrew Catania, and "Slowly Moving Van" a music documentary directed by Samuel Gursky of Irving Harvey and American Picture Group.

Look for them on the interwebs soon!

In the meantime check out Andrew and Sam's work here:




Cultivated Coffee Interview

 I was interviewed by the coffee brewing website Cultivated Coffee about my part in mixing the Zagat documentary on the U.S. Barista Championships.  Take a look and check out the rest of there awesome site!


Zagat: Battle of the Baristas

I recently completed a mix for the restaurant company Zagat about the US Coffee Championships.  This was a fun project, although it had to be turned around rather quickly (4 days to be exact, and over Easter weekend), and it was really cool to mix an interesting story that people might not know anything about.  Makes you appreciate those folks that make your morning espresso.  Link is below.



I was interviewed for the children's website Bedtime Math about my job as a sound mixer.  Take a  look!