West Ave Audio Round Up: US Army, Reality Show, and Diamonds

West Ave Audio just wrapped out on 3 new projects.  The first one was one of my most challenging and interesting gigs to date.  A week long shoot at Fort Hood, with the US Army.  We were shooting a short film for their S.H.A.R.P Program (Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention).  We shot in multiple places on the base including parts of the base they use for Urban Warfare training.

I also completed production on a commercial for Spence Diamonds as well as a reality show pilot for Bar Stool Sports about competitive bull fighting (which was a wild gig to say the least).  I had to mic 5 different people running around a fighting arena including prepping the 2 hosts with lavs for their bull fight.  Needless to say it was challenging.

Look for all those on the interweb soon!